The right merch at the right time.
As a sales team, you can gift a client...
The choice is theirs!  And you’ll have a reason to follow-up — just to find out what they ordered.
Every Basis
From golfers to gardeners, there’s something for everyone.
Potential Clients
A thoughtful gift will warm cold leads.
the Deal
Clients of all types will appreciate the gesture.
Say “Thanks”
Make quarterly follow-ups more personal.
Market with
a Mailer
Include a small gift along with company literature.
Boost Their
Celebrate their first sale with a big ticket item.
The Whale
A shopping spree to whomever catches a top client.
Stuff Their
‘Tis the season to fill your clients with holiday cheer.
Win Back
Erase a bad experience with a good one.
Why sales teams love our solution.
• Shipping Direct to the Consumer means Sales reps can focus on more prospecting and not being an in-house mailman.

• From Golf lovers to Expecting mothers our selection of over 200,000 options means they can find the perfect gift for any client.
Simplus decided to give their top clients a memorable experience. They let them go shopping with unique gift codes redeemable on the Simplus website for one of six quality items.

Imprint Genius designed and created a new Simplus webpage to feature the Dreamforce shopping spree. Discount codes were created that allowed each recipient to pick one gift from the list for free. Simplus selected from a range of products including a soft cooler, vest, jacket, yoga mat, dartboard, and of course, shoes.

Each of these gifts had a minimum order of 1, they were on demand meaning Simplus was only charged for the products that were redeemed.
Elevate your brand loyalty in three easy steps...
Step 1: Call us to get your merch store up.

Step 2: Never “deal with” merch management again.

Step 3: Focus on your next sales lead!