Wear One Less Hat
As an Event Coordinator, you can drive traffic to your...
They won’t just stop by. They’ll keep coming back! Now that’s our kind of “gift that keeps on giving.”
Hold a Virtual Scavenger Hunt
Have your website’s breadcrumbs lead to a prize.
Your Booth
Showcase your brand in a boundless store.
Keep the
Party Going
Who says you can’t give post party favors?
Redirect Virtual Attendees
After a webinar, have them “exit through the gift shop”
Like a Pro
Collect merch sales for future events while at an event.
the Deal
Be the favorite customer of venues and vendors alike.
Send a
Gentle Reminder
Say, “Don’t forget about our agreement,” with merch.
the Load
Who needs more luggage travelling to a tradeshow?
the Gap
When you can’t be there,
send a gift.
Simplus is one of the fastest growing Salesforce tools, focusing on Quote-to-Cash. They need something special and custom for Dream Force (a huge annual Sales force convention). They used their merch store to outfit their entire crew with jackets, hats and even fully branded shoes!“

Our salespeople love the swag store. They use it to buy gifts for prospects, current clients and events. Instead of calling me when they need gifts they just go to the site and everything they need is there.” – Wayne
Make merch, one less thing you have to plan for in three easy steps...
Step 1: Ask us to set up your custom merch store.

Step 2: Send the giftee credit for use in the store.

Step 3: Get your camera ready to catch their smile!