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When you combine merch with the power to choose, the possibilities for success are nearly endless.
JCJ Architecture needed to connect their satellite offices in a way that built camaraderie. Imprint Genius built this on-demand solution that perfectly satisfied the need.

“Making changes to the site was super easy. We asked to add puffer vests and 1/4 zip jackets and they were up on the site the next day.” – Russ
NV5, a publicly traded company, is continually in massive growth mode. With the steady influx of new members to their team they needed a way to welcome everyone to the company. We built an employee merch store along with a welcome page and discount code. With each new hire they send out a high quality, free gift. Very cool!  

“The best part of the site for me has been how easy it is to onboard new employees. We have over 30 offices and we have been acquiring a new company every quarter. With so many new faces it helps to get all of them onboarded properly.” – Josh
Simplus is one of the fastest growing Salesforce tools, focusing on Quote-to-Cash. They need something special and custom for DreamForce (a huge annual Salesforce convention). They used their merch store to outfit their entire crew with jackets, hats and even fully branded shoes!

“Our sales people love the swag store. They use it to buy gifts for prospects, current clients and events. Instead of calling me when they need gifts they just go to the site and everything they need is there.” – Wayne