And make an “imprint” on your career by working for the Gainesville Chamber of Commerce’s 2019 Startup Business of the Year!
Now Hiring!
We are currently hiring Sales Interns for the summer of 2021.
Sales Interns will be prospecting and connecting with customers to personalize our merch store to fit their needs!

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The Honor is All Ours
While we are a startup, we continually strive to attract a wide range of knowledgeable, skilled, and creative people by putting an emphasis on important matters like diversity, equality, and work/life balance, to name a few. That’s why, when we receive interest in open positions from top-tier talent or when we are presented with an award as an employer, the honor really is all ours.
We value differing perspectives, passions, and proficiencies and would love to hear how you could contribute to our company culture, which revolves around the values below. If you can collaborate with a team, constantly push to improve outcomes, and aim for complete customer satisfaction, then we want you!

We’re always accepting resumes. Send yours to:
As a startup we pride ourselves in our ability to focus on personal and professional development for employees, here are some of the benefits and opportunities we’re honored to provide for our team.
One of the best parts about the promo industry? The expos! You’ll have the opportunity to travel to promotional item expos across the country with the team!
You’ll have access to our database of unique industry-specific classes and presentations.
With a minimum of 10 hours of work per week, we encourage a healthy lifestyle. Love your work, pursue your education, and have fun!