Reimagining Corporate Gifting With the Official Merchandise Store

Corporate gifting with promotional items starts with employees receiving items from the official corporate store. Employees using items with the company brand is a time-honored tradition. Corporate branding begins with employees, and it also bonds them to the company culture. Easy access to the official merchandise store allows employees to become brand ambassadors, using items from the store as giveaways or gifts for different occasions.

Corporate branded items most commonly seen among employees include ID lanyards, computer bags, backpacks, t-shirts, jackets and sweatshirts. Traditional ways of getting these items into the hands of the employees call for department heads to sign up bulk orders. There is a more straightforward method of providing convenience to employees who can order directly from the store and receive their merchandise via USPS or courier services.

Promotional Apparel for Your Employees and Clients

It is common for employees to wear a company shirt in the workplace in the retail and service industries. For other industries that don’t have a physical store, the company shirt or shirts are commonplace and worn in informal settings, like company outings, events, and others. Even for formal occasions, company branding is still in place with pins and lanyards, as well as a swag bag. 

Although these swag and promotional apparel are only used occasionally, employees may opt to buy them for their personal use or as corporate gifts. These could be given to new employees during onboarding, company seminars, events and training. Promotional apparel is given to potential clients or customers for special occasions like job promotions, birthdays, etc. Giveaways can still be given after the event. These can also be given after the event, included in a thank you note for their attendance and support. 

Having access to an official merchandise store at any time without going through multiple layers of approval is a benefit that employees would appreciate.

Boundless Official Merchandise Store

An official merchandise store does not need to be within company premises. The company does not need to store an inventory of goods. Instead, a virtual official merchandise store can be kept stocked with swag and promotional items, and employees can have access to the store as needed. The employee goes online, chooses a thing, and puts up an order. The store sends the item and restocks it automatically. The company does not have to worry about the logistics of having a warehouse or a physical store. The virtual store is managed separately from the company.

Imprint Genius thrives on providing the backend to the virtual swag store. A running count is maintained, and inventory is restocked before it runs out. Or new products are introduced, and the website is updated accordingly. 

Corporate Gifting with Company Branded Merchandise

Company branded merchandise is not limited to employee items. Customers would appreciate corporate gifts like water bottles, caps and hats, coffee mugs, USB flash drives, and umbrellas. Putting these items in the hands of customer-facing employees or on the desk of employees goes a long way towards brand retention.