Imprint Genius, Swag Store | 5 Best Examples of Successful Swag Stores And How To Emulate Them

There are many ways to market your company, but one of the best is through company swag stores. By providing a wide variety of items that people can use to show their support for your company, you can increase brand awareness and customer loyalty.

The Ferrari Store

Ferrari, the world-renowned Italian sports car market, has just launched a new online store experience. The idea is to provide access for those interested but unable or unwilling to afford their luxury cars and other products on show in garages around the globe.

Their swag stores represent an excellent way for brands to communicate with their audience. They also help establish relationships between the brand and its customers, no matter what products are being sold.

The Microsoft Company

The Microsoft Store lets you get your hands on the latest computer technology while still showing some love for their favorite company. You’ll find all of those essentials that any geek would want, such as t-shirts, mugs, and wall calendars, in addition to other fun things like phone cases designed by artists from around the world or a chance to win an Xbox One S Console at every store opening event.

This app is a one-stop-shop for all the Microsoft products you could ever need. It has more unique options and eco-friendly branded items than any other shopping app out there, giving users ultimate control over what they buy. 

The SpaceX Store

SpaceX is one of the most forward-thinking companies out there today, and they’re showing that it’s possible to care about doing good while still making a profit. They have products for every type of customer: from someone looking to buy an item with their company logo on it as a gift or someone who wants to bring home some NASA memorabilia from their year in space.

Other artists have designed the swag shop to showcase what it means to live as a tech-savvy entrepreneur. It goes beyond a mere marketplace. Each item for sale tells its own story about quality and content - which can all be seen at this one location.

The HP Swag Store

The HP Store is not too large and doesn’t offer a wide variety of branded items, but it provides all the basics that any customer might want. From extension cords to wireless charging pads, this store has what you’re looking for if you need an item with the company logo on it.

The FedEx Company Swag Store

The FedEx merch store is a place where you can get your hands on branded clothes that are perfect for any occasion. Whether it’s the company logo or not, there will be something to suit everyone with their various designs and colors available in all sizes.


One of the first tasks is to decide whether or not you want your store built in-house, and if so, who will be responsible for it. You should also discuss what kind of promotional items to include. The best way to make your customers and employees feel connected is through a personalized swag store. Show them that you care with something they can hold onto for years!