In 2016, we set out to transform a stagnant and outdated promotional industry by utilizing technology to improve efficiency and deliver a better product to the end user. We recognized several issues within the conventional promotional item space:
Cheap, ordinary promotional products are painfully ineffective, tarnishing brands and frustrating their customers.

With billions of custom pens, shirts, and other plastic knick-knacks sent to a landfill each year, the traditional industry’s environmental impact has grown embarrassingly large.

The industry’s blatant neglect of innovation and technological integration has led to unexciting, repetitive marketing campaigns, leaving a significant gap between physical and digital marketing.


We specialize in providing high-quality, unique products that best align with your brand and target audience, strengthening your brand’s integrity and satisfying fans and customers.

Our Promo Done Greener Catalog features some of the best eco-promo in the industry with a wide selection of recycled, recyclable, organic, and reusable products. We’ve also developed an industry-first carbon offsetting program, as well as committed 1% of annual sales revenue to environmental nonprofits.

We’re the best in the biz when it comes to smart promo. Smart water bottles, RFID t-shirts, QR code business cards, custom web platforms, and more allow for your organization to generate metrics on the effectiveness of your physical marketing, optimizing future campaigns and saving you money.