We wouldn’t necessarily call ourselves revolutionaries or say we intended to stand against giants, but back in 2016, we definitely set out to revolutionize an industry where many key players had grown complacent with merchandise marketing, in terms of both positive personal and negative environmental impacts.

As a team of uniquely positioned college students at the epicenter of one of the nation’s fastest growing innovation hubs — UF in Gainesville, Florida — we recognized an opportunity to make merch more rewarding for everyone from-beginning-to-end, while offering companies a way to elevate their brands above the rest.

When it came to “making merch more rewarding for everyone from-beginning-to-end,” we discovered it was a simple matter of adding “choice” into the equation.  The result has been happier, more productive merch managers and happier, more engaged end-customers because no one has to deal with the bulk-ordered throw-aways of old.

When it came to “offering companies a way to elevate their brands above the rest,” we foresaw customers preferring companies that are committed to environmental sustainability.  The result has been increased brand integrity and heightened company loyalty because no one can deny there is less branded merch going into landfills.

All that being said, our mission, that of providing companies with next generation merch management technology, is far from complete, but we are dedicated to sharing our passion, knowledge, and vision for the industry with anyone.  Feel free to reach out to pick our brains and/or share your own experiences with merch.
Isaac Hetzroni
Gabe PeÑa
Director of Sales
Austin perkins
Marketing Content Intern
Executive Assistant
jemina babaran
Art Manager
Sourcing Manager


We specialize in providing high-quality, unique products that best align with your brand and target audience, strengthening your brand’s integrity and satisfying fans and customers.

Our Promo Done Greener Catalog features some of the best eco-promo in the industry with a wide selection of recycled, recyclable, organic, and reusable products. We’ve also developed an industry-first carbon offsetting program, as well as committed 1% of annual sales revenue to environmental nonprofits.

We’re the best in the biz when it comes to smart promo. Smart water bottles, RFID t-shirts, QR code business cards, custom web platforms, and more allow for your organization to generate metrics on the effectiveness of your physical marketing, optimizing future campaigns and saving you money.